2015秋季學期包含五堂課。日期分別為 10/11, 10/25, 11/15, 11/22 and 12/6
時間: 4:00-7:30PM
報名費: $50 (不接受退款)
報名截止:九月三十日‭ ‬禮拜三
課程地點: 美國南加州讚美之泉敬拜中心 1165 Warner Ave. Tustin, CA 92780 U.S.A.


4:00-5:00pm 敬拜時間 (開放給非學員)*學員們務必參加敬拜 
第一堂課: 5:00-6:00 pm 屬靈課程訓練 (選一堂課)
第二堂課: 6:10-7:30 pm 敬拜課程訓練 (選一堂課)


日期: 10/11, 10/25, 11/15, 11/22 and 12/6
每位學生的報名費: $50

Spiritual Edification Course 屬靈課程訓練 5-6pm (總共四堂課,請只選擇一堂課)

Class 1Class 2Class 3Class 4
 Time With Abba & Listening Prayer by Pastor Grace Tseng (For all new students)If this is your first time joining SOP Creative Worship School, this class is mandatory.   Maybe you already have a devotional at home, but we would like to be on the same page with how to read the Bible, how to listen to God’s voice, and how to use what we read to lead corporate intercession.  It is such a blessing to have a set apart time to quiet before the Lord.
 Prophetic Intercession by Pastor David Yu (Pre-req: Time With Abba)For those of you who want to go deeper into God’s heart, and use what you heard to bless people around you…  this is a class for you!  We will discuss how to receive word of knowledge, how to give word of blessings to people, and how to worship the Lord prophetically. 
 Worship With Word 1 & 2 Singing Intercession by Pastor Tiffany Cheng  (Pre-req: Time With Abba)

Did you know that you can meditate on the word of God through singing it?  Did you know that you can press in and intercede for people without getting tired or bored?  This is a perfect class to combine our love of Word and the love of music.  You don’t have to be a professional singer to take this class.  If you have a heart to pray and if you can speak, you are welcome!

 Children’s Ministry by Pastor Mary Lee (For new & returning students who are serving with children)

We are opening a special class for those of you who are in children’s ministry.  We will discuss how to lead children to hear from God, encounter God, and how to lead children into worship.  If you are already serving in children’s ministry, or if you want to prepare yourself to join children’s ministry, this class is for you! 

Creative Worship Course 敬拜課程訓練 6-7:30pm (總共五堂課,請只選擇一堂課) *

1. 敬拜好聲音:中級歌唱課程
2. 樂團技巧突破:所有樂手必修
3. 基礎樂理秘笈:音樂人必備錦囊
4. 音控一點都不難:音響真有趣
5. 影片製作剪接入門:開創新視野

* For these classes, there will be homework and assessments.
VocalBandMusic TheorySoundVideo

Intermediate Vocal Class –[Additional $10 will apply]  (Tina Wu) –
class size: 20-30 [English/Chinese]

Audition is needed (see guideline below)

  • Ensemble Singing
  • Music Theory & Harmony
  • Ear Training & Rhythm

Requirement: able to sing in tune

Band Ensemble Class (Betty Lin + SOP Staff) –
class size: 30 [English/Chinese]

Audition is needed (see guideline below)

  • Technique of ensemble playing. 
  • Understand the role and function of each instruments.
  • Rehearsal technique
  • How to groove together (how to play tight)
  • Each class has sectional time to learn more specific issue with your instruments.

Requirements: Intermediate musicians.  At least one year of serving on your instruments.  Able to follow chord chart and music sheet. 

Piano, KB 1, KB 2, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass, Drums, Percussion


Basic Music Theory class (SOP Staff) –
class size: 10-30 [English/Chinese]

(class will only open if registration reaches at least 10, additional material fees may apply) 

  • This is a great class for those of you who always felt scared to read music.  I would recommend all worship leaders to take it to better communicate with musicians.
  • Basic music reading (notes, rhythm)
  • What are keys? chords?
  • Road map of music sheet
Sound/PA System class (Gary Tung) –
class size: 10-15
(class will only open if registration reaches at least 10, additional material fees may apply) 
  • Learn about basic sound/PA Equipments
  • Guide to basic live mixing
  • Hands-on lab
  • Training your ears

Video Production (Andy Chen) –
class size: 5-10
(class will only open if registration reaches at least 5, additional material fees may apply) 

  • Basic video camera operations
  • Intro to video editing
  • Intro lighting 
  • Recording audio in video 
  • Basic video production guideline
  • Hands on experience on coming SOP projects

試唱(彈)DEMO帶 Audition Guideline for vocal/band students

If you are taking vocal class or ensemble class, please complete your audition before Sunday September 27.  SOP members may be excused from audition.  Please contact your instructor directly. 
Please name your file like this (Instrument_YourName)  Ex. Vocal_MaryLee
*Please send in your audition recording that is relevant for your class.  Ex. If you are taking vocal class, send your singing.  If you are taking Ensemble class to play guitar, please send us your guitar playing.
*Easiest way to capture is to use your smart phone voice memo function.
– Please sing one SOP song or other worship song. Just verse-chorus with accompaniment or sing along CD. (Make sure your voice is louder than the CD sound.) 
*You can record yourself, or send us recording of your worship band playing together.  (Please specify what instruments you are on. 

Instruments (Piano/Keyboard):
– Please play one SOP song (Accompaniment style–no melody, just accompaniment)
in following order: intro-1st verse-1st chorus- 2nd chorus

 Instruments (Acoustic Guitar/Electric Guitar):
– Please play one SOP song (at least verse chorus chorus)

Instruments (Bass/Drums)
– Please play along with one SOP song.   (use CD)  (2 minutes each)

Please use your iPhone to record and Submit Your Audio recording or video recording with the registration form below