Welcome to 2017 Spring SOPR Worship School


Class Dates 課程日期: 1/29, 2/12, 2/26, 3/12, 3/19  4 PM to 7:30PM

Class Fees 課程學費 50.00 for non-SOP members 非讚美之泉會員需付註冊費50元

Registration Deadline 報名截止日期:12/20/2016

Note 特別聲明:Registration only open to current or previous students 只接受現任或前任學員報名

Schedule 時間表

  • 4 PM Corporate Worship + Announcement
  • 5 PM Spiritual Class
  • 6 PM Creative Worship Class


Class Content 課程內容:

I. Spiritual Classes 屬靈課程—延續秋季的三班

(1) TWA & Intercession 親父時間與代禱
Instructor: Pastor Grace Tseng 曾祥怡傳道
Establish a personal intimate relationship with Father through TWA, learn to listen to Holy Spirit and to intercede with authority and faith.

(2) Prophetic Prayer Ministry 先知性禱告服事
Instructor: Pastor David Yu & Pastor Mary Lee 游智偉傳道 & 周巽倩傳道
Learn to bless people with words from God. Step out to pray for people. You will experience how God can use you in amazing ways.

(3) Worship with the Word 即興唱禱
Instructor: Pastor Tiffany Cheng 鄭懋柔傳道
You will be singing and praying God’s words. Let God’s words soak you in a deeper level, and learn to release His words while singing.

II. Creative Worship Classes 敬拜音樂課程

(1) Vocal Ensemble 歌唱課程
Instructor: Pastor Mary Lee & Tina Wu 周巽倩傳道 & 吳瑋庭老師
You will be assigned to a group according to your level. We will have intense ensemble training in a small group team.

(2) Band Ensemble 樂團課程
Instructor: Betty Lin 林佳欣 and SOP Band 讚美之泉樂團
We will divide the students into multiple bands, and the teachers will lead the student bands to practice playing together and listening to each other.