SOP Worship School


[2020 spring]

Class Date

1/12, 2/2, 2/16, 3/1,
3/15 (Postponed to 4/19)

Class Time

4 - 5pm Worship: 
Non students may join
(4/19 worship only open for students

5-7:30pm Class Time: 
For student only


SOP Worship Center


1165 Warner Ave.
Tustin, CA 92780, USA

Spiritual Edification Course
We will place you in different classes according to each student’s need.
Technical Worship Course
Worship Team Band
Instructor: Stream of Praise Worship Band

This class is a combination of band class and vocal class. Instrumentalists and vocalists will be divided into different worship teams and practice from rehearsal to leading a worship set. Instrumentalists will learn how to play with other instruments, and vocalists will learn to work with band and communicate better. This class will benefit the students greatly!

*Criterias for students who register: Have more than two years of serving experiences. Instrumentalists need to sight read and play all the chords. Drummers need to maintain the same speed while playing. Vocalists need to sing in tune. If you do not meet this requirement, you will be observing the rehearsal.

*Due to limited space, not everyone will get to sing or play, thank you for your understanding.

*If you have never taken classes at SOP, please upload a video of your singing or playing instruments. [please choose any SOP song]. Please be available for further audition after the first class.

Registraton end date
Please send in your application first, and wait for a letter of acceptance from SOP. If you become an official student, be sure to attend every meeting. Lower attendance will affect your future class taking.

 - Registration Closed-

Please email to if you any questions.

 - Registration Closed-

Please email to if you any questions.