Do you want to do devotion with SOP?

Follow the instruction video on “How to use SOP Kids Devotion book”, then send us your devo page for a chance to win our latest Children Praise & Worship MP3 Album!

If you haven’t purchased one of our SOP Devotion, you may now GO BUY or use the CLICK HERE to get a free sample, select a level that’s suitable for you, and submit your devo page via dropbox or email by 10/15. The winner’s devo page will be posted on our website and social media. We are looking forward to receive your devotions!

SOP Kids Devotion has two different levels:
Level A [Grade K-3] is good for kids who are creative and love to have variety of activities .
Level B [Grade 3-8] is good for kids who enjoy reading and creative journaling.

Upload Instruction:
Please email to and provide the name you want to be recognize on so...