This week Tina Wu continues to share with us her top 5 tips for every worship singer. Caring for your voice is a daily habit that will allow vocalists to sing and worship the Lord with a healthier voice.

1. Sleep early & Get enough sleep

Our body has more energy to do things when it’s rested well.

2. Don’t talk too much

Think of your voice as an instrument to be used for God. Set it apart for the Lord. Also, avoid raising your voice because it can be very damaging to your voice.

3. Stay constantly hydrated

If you already feel dry, you’ve probably been dehydrated for some time already.

4. Don’t do vocal warm-ups and exercises in the car

There’s a lot of extra noise in the background, so you might be pushing louder to hear yourself in the car, which will damage your voice.

5. Listen to yourself sing

Focus more on listening to yourself sing than actual active singing so that you don’t do a lot of singing without actually learning. Spend a lot of time taking notes on your Listening, if you have trouble, record.